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JIBLADZE Marine (AEEC) : Essentials of Chinese Phonetics

JIBLADZE Marine (AEEC), Essentials of Chinese Phonetics . Tbilisi : Free University Press, 2024
Representing the inaugural work on Chinese phonetics in the Georgian language, the monograph “Essentials of Chinese Phonetics” draws upon the author’s extensive teaching experience and deep understanding of linguistic nuances.
Its aim is twofold : to provide a comprehensive linguistic analysis of the Chinese phonetic system and to offer practical insights derived from years of teaching and research. Within these pages, readers will find discussions on Chinese language dialects, the significance of the literary form, and a meticulous examination of phonetic structures. Through comparative analysis with the phonetics of the Georgian language, the book elucidates teaching methodologies tailored to overcome linguistic challenges, offering concrete examples and techniques for effective learning.
The overarching goal of this work is to systematize knowledge of Chinese phonetics, offering readers a foundational understanding while addressing common difficulties encountered in language acquisition.
By presenting methodological recommendations and essential definitions, this book serves as a comprehensive academic resource, shaping the trajectory of future research in Chinese linguistics. It is our sincere hope that “Essentials of Chinese Phonetics” will serve as a cornerstone in the field of Sinology, fostering a deeper understanding of linguistic and phonetic intricacies and paving the way for further scholarly exploration.