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Inscription stage Taiwan 2018

L’inscription débutera le 09 février pour clôturer le 2 mars.

*The information given below is for internal study. It should be completed by the applicant in English or Chinese.

1. Personnal data 個人基本資料

Name 姓名 (As shown on Passport )

Contact Information 聯絡地址、電話、電子郵件

  • Sex 性別

  • Marital Status 婚姻狀況

    • Past residence in Taiwan 居住臺灣

    • From   to .是,起迄日期
    • History of Scholarships / Grant / Subsidies by Taiwan 曾獲臺灣提供之獎補助紀錄

    • From   to .是,起迄日期
    • Health condition 健康狀況

    • Chronic diseases 慢性病

    Contact person, in case of an emergency 緊急事件聯絡人

2. Educational background 教育背景

Name of Institution
Country &City
Period of Enrollment
Secondary Education
Undergraduate Level Education
Graduate Level Education

3. Present employment 現職狀況

Contact information 聯絡資訊

Type of organization 機構種類

4. Please briefly state your motivations in participating and expectations from this workshop

5. Possible contributions on taiwan’s chinese teaching

6. Declaration : I declare that

7. Check list

8. Agreement

I agree to receive information from Service Education, Bureau de Représentation de Taipei, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education’s coordinator in France of this workshop (required)